Arc for Windows Update - 1.2.0 (28443)

May 16, 2024

  • We’re making updating faster!
    • The update banner in the Sidebar will only show once the update has been downloaded, so this means if you click on the banner the app will terminate and restart immediately!
    • Updating via Arc menu > Check for Updates is now a two click process. The first click will download the update, and then the second click will restart the app.
  • We’ve updated the Pinned Folder icons! Pinned Folder icons will now be drawn in full color instead of just a monochrome outline and and we’ve added an open/close animation.
  • You can now open the Command Bar to show the current URL with Alt+D in addition to Ctrl+L
  • You can now open the Arc menu using Alt+F
  • You can now open the Arc menu when the Sidebar is hidden and no web content is in view
  • We’ve added the ability to remove a tab from your Favorites using Ctrl+T and then typing “unfavorite tab”
  • The top toolbar can now be dynamically resized fixing an issue where toolbar elements (pinned extensions, window controls, URL bar) would overlap at smaller window widths
  • We fixed an issue where the back/forward history drop down would persist after using Ctrl+Tab to quickly switch away and then back to the tab where the history drop down was opened -
  • We fixed an issue that prevented Arc windows from closing using the window controls or Alt+F4
  • We now show a warning dialog if your processor does not meet our minimum requirements. You’ll still be able to use Arc for Windows, but you’ll likely experience issues. Learn more at
  • Various crash fixes and performance improvements
  • 我们正在加快更新速度!
  • 侧边栏中的更新横幅只有在更新下载完成后才会显示,这意味着如果您点击横幅,应用程序将立即终止并重新启动!
  • 通过Arc菜单 > 检查更新进行更新现在只需点击两次。第一次点击将下载更新,第二次点击将重启应用程序。
  • 我们更新了 Pinned Folder(固定文件夹)图标!现在,Pinned Folder图标将以全彩绘制,而不再只是单色轮廓,我们还添加了打开/关闭动画。
  • 除了 Ctrl+L 以外,现在还可以使用 Alt+D 打开命令栏以显示当前 URL。
  • 现在可以使用 Alt+F 打开Arc菜单
  • 现在可以在隐藏侧边栏且无网页内容时打开Arc菜单。
  • 我们增加了从收藏夹中删除选项卡的功能,方法是按住 Ctrl+T 键,然后输入“unfavorite tab”(取消收藏选项卡)。
  • 顶部工具栏现在可以动态调整大小,解决了工具栏元素(固定扩展、窗口控件、URL 栏)在较小窗口宽度下重叠的问题。
  • 我们修复了一个问题,即在使用 Ctrl+Tab 快速切换后再返回到打开历史下拉菜单的标签页时,后退/前进历史下拉菜单会一直存在。
  • 我们修复了使用窗口控件或 Alt+F4 无法关闭Arc窗口的问题
  • 如果您的处理器不符合我们的最低要求,我们现在会显示警告对话框。您仍然可以使用 Arc for Windows,但可能会遇到问题。了解更多信息,请访问
  • 各种崩溃修复和性能改进

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Arc Search Update - Version 1.13.0

16 May 2024

  • Collapsible Bottom Bar: The bottom bar will now collapse when you scroll down on a page, and re-expand when you scroll up — maximizing your screen space for a more immersive browsing experience.
  • Adjustable % Page Zoom: Page zoom settings now show the percentage value of the zoom, making it easier to manage your view preferences with precision. Additionally, tapping the percentage value resets the zoom to 100%. To access page zoom settings, click the up arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Browse For Me Instant Answers: Members will see a short answer for certain queries seeking quick information, providing answers without needing to navigate away. Examples include, “How many feet are in 2 miles?” or “What’s $500 in Yen?”
  • Ad Blocker Transparency: We now show the number of ads and trackers blocked in the footer of the Tab Controls. To view, click the up arrow in the bottom right corner of your screen while on the page with blocked ads.
  • Toggle Keyboard Visibility on App Launch: Responding to popular demand, we’ve introduced a new preference setting that allows you to control whether the keyboard should automatically appear when you launch the app. To access, click the up arrow in the bottom right corner and navigate to Site Settings.
  • Initial Search Suggestions: New members will now see some initial search suggestions after completing onboarding, ensuring members can hit the ground running upon joining — such as “Summarize today’s news,” “Best movies of the last decade” and more.
  • Default Browser Banner: A banner that prompts you to make Arc the default browser will now appear after extended usage.
  • 可折叠底部栏: 现在,当你向下滚动页面时,底部栏会折叠,而当你向上滚动时,底部栏会重新展开,从而最大限度地利用屏幕空间,获得更身临其境的浏览体验。
    页面缩放百分比可调:页面缩放设置现在会显示缩放百分比值,从而更容易精确地管理视图首选项。此外,点击百分比值可将缩放重置为 100%。要访问页面缩放设置,请单击屏幕右下角的向上箭头。
  • “为我浏览即时答案”: 对于某些寻求快速信息的查询,会员将看到简短的答案,无需导航即可获得答案。例如,"2 英里等于多少英尺?"或 “500 美元等于多少日元?”。
  • 广告拦截器透明度: 我们现在会在标签控件的页脚显示屏蔽的广告和跟踪器的数量。要查看,请在有屏蔽广告的页面上点击屏幕右下角的向上箭头。
  • 在应用程序启动时切换键盘可见性: 应广大用户的要求,我们推出了一项新的偏好设置,让您可以控制键盘是否会在启动应用程序时自动显示。要访问该设置,请单击右下角的向上箭头并导航至 “网站设置”。
  • 初始搜索建议: 现在,新会员在完成注册后将看到一些初始搜索建议,确保会员在加入后能快速上手,例如 “总结今天的新闻”、"过去十年的最佳电影 "等。
  • 默认浏览器横幅: 提示您将 Arc 设为默认浏览器的横幅现在会在长时间使用后出现。

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Arc for macOS Update - 1.43.0 (50018)

May 15, 2024 at 10:06:23 PM

  • Tidy Tabs Button Redesign: The buttons for tidying tabs and clearing tabs have been made more distinct, and separated more clearly, reducing confusion for members who previously might’ve pressed the broom expecting the tabs to clear.
  • Critical Chromium Security Fix: We quickly fixed a severe security issue after Chromium released a patch — ensuring your browsing experience remains secure and protected from vulnerabilities.
  • Join Arc Early Birds for MacOS: Help us spot issues, catch bugs, and fine-tune new Arc versions before their release. Sign up today to become a part of Early Birds community, and help us shape the future of Arc.
  • Switch to Arc Search: The Arc Sidebar Sync app is on its way out, but we have good news! Our Arc Search app is even better. Make the switch today to seamlessly sync your Spaces and Tabs, and use our newest features like Browse for Me and Pinch to Summarize.
  • 整理标签按钮重新设计: 整理标签页和清除标签页的按钮更加清晰明了,减少了之前按下扫帚按钮就以为会清除标签页的会员的困惑。
  • 重要的 Chromium 安全修复: 在 Chromium 发布补丁后,我们迅速修复了一个严重的安全问题,确保您的浏览体验安全无虞。
  • 加入 MacOS 版 Arc Early Birds(早鸟计划):帮助我们发现问题、捕捉错误,并在新 Arc 版本发布前对其进行微调。立即注册,成为 Early Birds 社区的一员,帮助我们塑造 Arc 的未来。
  • 切换到 Arc Search: Arc Sidebar Sync(侧边栏同步)应用程序即将停用,但我们有一个好消息!我们的 Arc Search 应用程序更加出色。立即切换,无缝同步您的 Spaces(空间)and Tabs(标签),并使用我们的最新功能,如 Browse for Me (为我浏览)和 Pinch to Summarize(按下摘要)。

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